I have noticed, with not a little ire, the continued presence of hat-wearers on the streets. By this I don’t mean woolly hat wearers in this, no, I mean statement hat wearers. I’ve made this point before, here, so there’s no real need to go over it all again, but it’s reasonable to reiterate just why these bloody silly people should just stop buying ‘cool’ hats that actually make them look 100% spannerish, and make everyone else want to dig their own eyes out.

Hats are not in social position anymore. A hat wearer no more indicates class and distinction than does a retinue of bloodied slaves or an ivory waistcoat. They are out of time and place and, more to my own chagrin, not looking like coming back anytime soon. There was once a time when men wore a hat, and looked jolly decent whilst doing so. But not anymore, and I think this charming graphic illustrates this point perfectly.