Got to do this again soon, so thought it prescient to reblog for those who wouldn’t have seen it before


For most men in this day and age, an age of information technology and electronic communication, we go to work, sit at a desk and tip-tap away at our keyboards and feel all very clever and important about whatever mindless and irrelevant form-filling and box-ticking we’re engaged in.

There are few people in white middle-class Britain who are not, in some way, employed in this fashion, sitting behind a screen, eyelids drooping, backs aching, stomachs expanding. The alternative is shop-working. Standing behind tills, tapping away, or more likely just beeping away, and staring at another screen. At least these poor buggers are on their feet all day.

Where these millions of men, emasculated by modern consumerist society, pinioned by an IT revolution in the UK, find their temporary release is when, with fear in their blood and anticipation trembling through every fibre of their being, they go and hire a…

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