Suits, suits, suits. Suits are great. They can look great, and make you look great too.

Men really do have one of the most fortunate of all dress options of the sexes in the suit. It’s a given that a suit is a smart thing. It defines a man as smart and is an instant recommendation of that person when people see him, especially if you don’t know that person in a suit usually.

I don’t know if you’ll have ever done this but, if you put a suit on for the first time in ages, everyone you meet will say ‘Gosh, you look smart’. It’s weird really. Especially as, if you look closely you’ll notice the truth. And, the truth is, most people in suits look ridiculous.
Seriously, look around the next time you’re in town in the week at people wearing suits. You will almost definitely not see one person under the age of 45 whose suit fits for a start. I know why this is, but hold on for that. You will also see people who don’t know how to wear a suit. Just look at how uncomfortable they actually are, even if they’re all slouchy and ‘Yeah, whatever’ in their suit.
The big problem is that it’s really easy to see someone in a great suit. Or, just someone who looks great in a suit. But, and remember this, 95% of those people are in films or on TV. So, they’ve got someone else putting them in that suit. Just remember that when you put your suit on and you realise that you still don’t look like them.
So, what kinds of suits are there, and how good do they look? Lots, and great is the answer. But, they look utter bullshit on most people. So, why not let’s have a look, eh?
Narrow suits. Now, these are absolutely en vouge, and have always been really, apart from in the 80s and 90s, when suits were MASSIVE. The trouble is that these have now been kind of adopted as a smart hipster look, and hipsters are assholes. As we all know. It really isn’t hard to find someone looking atrocious in a narrow suit, but this guy is a model! Jeez. Lots of cool people wore narrow suits, so you should try it but, if you’re a little over-weight then don’t! We can’t all be Gary Cooper, Sean Connery, Gregory Peck, Roger Moore or the cast of Mad Men.
Long coat suits. Dangerous move for anyone, but very popular in certain circles for some reason. Especially in America, in the black community and in the south. A kind of hangover for white guys from the Old West, and very Scarface for the black guys. Anyway, hard to pull off, obviously. This guy is ridiculous.
Tweed suits. Gosh, tweed, yes please. The bloody epitome of English dapperness, and rightly so. Again though, badly done most of the time. Which is odd as all tweed suits are tailored, so how can they look so shit. Well, this guy will illustrate that perfectly.
Dinner suits. Apparently everyone should own a dinner suit. I don’t. I don’t know anyone who does either, wait, actually I do and they’re both posh lads, and both called Tom. Of course. Dinner suits to me look like people are wearing a costume. Maybe that’s exactly what it is. More to the point aren’t people supposed to wear these to look as good as possible? So, how does this always happen?
So, now, here’s a kick for you. How does Viggo Mortensen look so good in every single suit? I don’t care really. Just makes me want to go and put on a suit.