Over the last few months I’ve been reading an awful lot of short story collections.

This has been an active decision on my part, for a number of reasons, which I won’t dwell on too much, other than to mention two particulars.

I commonly have a few books on the go at any one time, which means there’s somewhere different to turn, if you’re the changeable sort. I can’t have all books I’m into at arm’s reach though, especially when I’m out and about.

I also find it difficult to try new authors, as I value my reading time, and hate choosing a dull read and then being stuck with the book.

So, short story collections, and anthologies particularly have been great and, because I want you to think they’re great too, here are a few I’ve fairly whizzed through recently.


Lots and lots to recommend in here, genre and author diversity alike. A few absolute treasures. Comma Press are an estimable small publisher and I will seek more from them. Get it from the Comma Press site here.


Edited and with each story nicely introduced by uber-author Neil Gaiman, this is a collection of monster stories, but it isn’t horror, it’s more fantasy, but not the over-the-top kind. There isn’t a dud in here for my money. Get it here from Hive


All by the same author here but, when that author is Michel Faber, it’s allowable. His second collection of shorts and they are utterly superb, and varied enough to make this a genuine collection, and not a lot of ‘on a theme of…’ that are all the same. They are certainly not that. Get it from Hive here.