Ah. A new year. The new year is here.

Did we all achieve what we wanted to in 2015? Was it a year of success and happiness, of realisation and dream fulfilment? Or, was it 12 months of dismay, horror and piteous disaster?

Did things soar into stratospheres of joy, or plummet into a hell of your own making?

Only we (you) know the answers but, whether the answers are true or not, they matter.

I feel somewhat ambivalent about the year, overall. Plenty of super-shit things happened to me last year. Things that people write books and plays about, or kill themselves over, maybe. In the grand scheme of things however, in the broadest sense, it was OK. Great, in many ways.

Looking at the next 12 months, at 2016, the year ahead, I feel actually quite optimistic. There are lots of things I’d like to do. Things I’d like see. Footsteps I’d like to stand in. Also, I think all of things are possible.

I also find this view, which is genuine incidentally, to be somewhat contradictory. Especially because I am an insufferable pessimist and cynic. I know I am, and that’s why it’s OK. I’m at peace with it. It’s a failing, but also a strength.

My pessimism is hardly unfounded either. We live in a world of unquestionable fragility.

Right-wing Nationalism whoring its way across Europe, with increasing support and celebration. Republican insanity in the US, supported by many millions of the willingly uninformed that roam the suburbias and internet comment sections. Active depletion of the UK’s greatest institutions, whilst the Baby Boomers blame everyone but their own late-life angling towards the right wing and their sidling up to the Tories. Climate change. Deforestation. Poaching. Spotify and low-slung jeans. Hell is rising.

Seriously though, we could all be justified in telling everyone and everything to fuck off and decide, collectively, to go off and do something else entirely. Something charming and friendly that enables us to sidestep the horrors of the 21st Century and submerge ourselves into something else. Something entirely more comfortable and cosy, safe and reliable.

Mortgages, savings, pensions, redecorating, MOTs, Vevo, GBBO, fashion and death. Death of originality and purpose , for sure.

However, there is value is thinking fresh and, moreover, honest thoughts. There is hardly any more value in anything. Doing what you truly believe is good and fulsome, even if it’s exactly the same thing you’ve been doing for your whole life. Even if it opposes anything proactive or directional. Even if you know, deep down, that it won’t change anything. If it’s what makes you flutter and sing inside or, at least, makes you comfortable, warm and safe. Then it’s worth it.

So, that should be a resolution. Not for 2016, or any other arbitrary time period, but for however long you like.

Balls to 2015. It is, was, at best, the past and thus irrelevant. Look forward and smile. It’s going to be great.