van gogh

Be creative. You should always be creative. Even when – in fact, especially when – you think you can’t.

The best thing about creating anything is that, no matter what anyone thinks or says, and no matter whether anyone likes it or not, that thing exists.

william blake

Whether it’s a song, a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, a poem, a story, a script, a novel, a cartoon, a comic, some clothing or anything else, it is a real thing.


There are uncountable numbers of creators who, in their own lifetimes, were not only unpopular but even completely disregarded or utterly ignored. There is no accounting for the foibles of taste and awareness, and this will change as surely as the seasons, and no-one can make that happen, or stick.

Days, weeks, months or years from now that thing may be rediscovered, by you or somebody else, and whatever sat around it at the time, whatever intentions or baggage, can fade into the distance, revealing it anew for that new discoverer.

Even more important than anything is to create, whether or not you think it’s any good or not. Especially if you think it’s shit. 


Shit things can only get better, and passion shines through shit better than through anything else. Shit is like a prism for passionate works of art and literature. One person’s shit – and this includes yours – is another person’s shinola.

In their own lifetimes, and in the time of their own creation, everything you see in this blog was considered shit either by the public, the establishment, critics or even the creator their self.

There is hope for us all. As long as we do it. So, do it.