Not so long ago I’d have been the first person to pour scorn on the idea of a new year’s resolution which makes me  a cynical shit, but then I was (and still am) like that with lots of things.

This picture is not related to the post content, in any way.
This picture is not related to the post content, in any way.

Fortunately, like many people, I am also prone to radically changing my mind about certain things. Not all things mind you, which makes me an inconsistent and, therefore, unreliable source of friendship or advice. That said, I can be relied upon to argue about nearly anything, and often change my standpoint halfway through, or right at the end.

Anyhow, next year is, I feel, opportunistic. You could say that about any year, month, week or day, I know, but a definitive marker in time is a good thing. We benefit from lines in the sand, from having a start line, a launch pad etc.

So, I’m putting my cards on the table. Opening things up to be observed and noted, and so that i won’t feel so comfortable ignoring my attempts at change in a few week’s time, when it all starts seeming a bit too much like hard work.

Here are the things I’m going to do next year.

1. Spend less days watching TV than days watching TV.
2. Read a book a week.
3. Finish the book I’m writing.
4. Finish the other book I’m writing.
5. Complete the pitches I keep going on about.
6. Get my new tattoo.
7. Get back to running properly.
8. Start/Finish the paintings I’m doing/haven’t started yet.
9. Take my wife out at least monthly.
10. Accept that I have to go to work and try to enjoy it.
11. Count my blessings.

I do do number 11 more and more these days, but it’s a good one to remind yourself about.