Exercise snobbery for the masses and the predetermined illusion of ability over reality and it’s scabby claws of self-realisation.

In the 70s and 80s ‘keep fit’ became a new vogue activity for the overpaid and under-occupied inhabitants of various western societies. America is the simplest target for this, as it was always the greatest nation when it came to embracing fads, fashions and new hobbies and activities. Nothing wrong with this per se, it’s always a good mindset to try new things, be open to new opportunties and want to expand your horizons.

Where this mentality falls down however is in the blind obedience to advertising, celebrity endorsement and marketing hoodwinking activities. The British are, much to their chagrin I’m sure, suckers for this and will lap up plenty of keep-fit hokum, even after the Americans have had it. So, surely, the Brits should be forewarned. This, it seems does not always mean forearmed.

Step Aerobics, Jazzercise, Boxercise, Circuits, Spin Classes, Yogacise, Dancercise, Zumba. Zumba?!

Jesus Christ, what is wrong with people?

But, the purpose of this blog is not to point fun at the obvious morons who buy into this crap. It is in fact to highlight a strange developement in an otherwise innocuous piece of exercise. Jogging.

People have been going jogging for ages, and good on them. It raises the heart rate, gives your joints and muscles a decent work out, works your lungs, clears your head, bit of fresh air. Well done all round I say. Sure, it can be a bit boring and, yes, you may feel a bit silly, but it’s exercise, not a night out on the town.

Somewhere along the line though people stopped ‘going for a jog’ and, instead, started ‘going for a run’. Really? Are you really going to run? I think that there’s a clear difference between jogging and running and I do not believe most people actually ‘run’. Running is determined, it’s fervent, and it’s urgent. Jogging is not this. Jogging is about covering a certain amount of distance, or time. It makes you sweat and you should feel knackered afterwards, but ‘run’? Come on.

Sure, some people do run. They are usually rangey men who are red in the face, have zero body fat and look like they’ve been running for ten years. Continuously.

Do whatever you want, I don’t mind. But stop saying you’re going for a run. You’re going for a jog. There’s nothing wrong with that, apart from you.